A special collection of accessories in collaboration with Dorkus Design, inspired by party bag favours and playful childhood awards. Hand made and painted in Melbourne by DD, each piece is unique and uses acrylic off cuts from industry.

These pieces have been a year in the making, you may have spotted them at ‘It’s My Party’ in March this year. Steph and I have been holding them back in anticipation of release of my new collection however if this year has taught us anything it is that we have to live in the moment! This release is limited in stock so move quick!


Squint is a Scottish ready-to-wear fashion brand, which combines a feminine feel with tomboy silhouettes, creating a playful down to earth aesthetic. The Squint girls attitude is laid back and cool but a bit weird ~ the misfit that you want to hang out with. Her personality is the basis of the clothes we create.